Let’s pay more taxes!

Unbelievable… no word scan describe this.

These days Greece heard the great news of new taxes. Only this time it will be different.  The taxes will be on the electricity bill and it concerns a tax on each square meter of each self-owned house, depending on the region you live in and the size of your home.

All Greeks are trying to find out if this is obligatory. If there is a way of skipping it… as most of them do not have the money to pay these taxes. And if they have the money, they need to pay them from their savings.  Above all, they try to find out if this is legal. Is it legal to submit taxes to an electricity bill to force people to pay the taxes? And is it legal to switch off electricity if they do not pay the bill? It is confusing as the bill includes the electricity charges as well as the taxes. All Greek as outraged! Most of them say they will not pay the taxes. They are mad because new taxes are introduced on a moment that most Greek families cannot even buy the necessary things. And even more because it is done on this disgusting way.

But again, nothing can be done. People are trying to talk to each other to express their feelings, to find a solution. People have the need to talk about this new kind of life and the difficulties related to it. When they meet each other, they say how sorry they feel for their children and grandchildren.