Will it ever stop?

Going to work and finishing your day at work is no pleasure these days. Everyone is afraid of being the next one losing his job. Let’s say the ones that still have a job, because unemployment has increased extremely the last year. There are families without any member having a job. Anyway, every day of the ones that still have a job, starts stressfully. Will there be a salary decrease announced which will make it impossible to survive? Will there be a new dismissal? It is impossible to live with this kind of stress every day, but unfortunately no one has a choice. Every day can be different. And the worst of all, lots of them who are still working, experience bad behavior of their boss. It is sad to see employers abuse their power in this period of crisis. As people are afraid of losing their job, the employers behave badly towards their employees. Working an extra hour, is not paid. Doing a mistake is the end of the world and awful words are the answer. Generally, everyone needs to say all day ‘yes’ and saying ‘no’ could be the end of a job. Of course, not all employers are like that, but when you ask the Greeks… unfortunately, most of them will tell you the same story.

Greek man shot himself, Greece is shocked

Today Greece woke up with terrible news. An elderly man, 77 years old, committed suicide outside the Greek parliament in Athens. One of the many people who are desperate and do not have any hope on positive evolution of their country. Lots of people living in Athens and elsewhere made their way to Syntagma, the famous square in Athens, leaving flowers and notes on the place where the pharmacist shot his self. People who knew the man were interviewed by newspapers and told that it concerns a decent man who worked hard and was known as a very nice and respectful person.

On a note he had written that he refused to live his last years eating from rubbish as his retirement was not enough to live as a decent person and that he refused to live in these kind of circumstances. That is why he decided to end his life.

It is the days subject. When the suicide is described on the news, people cannot hold their tears. But most of all, no one can control his anger as lots of them feel the desperation of this man in heart and soul. Greece is shocked.