Yes, Greece has finally a government!

Today it’s official, Greece has a government.

Good news? Let’s wait a little bit more to see if something will change… if something good will happen… Because at the moment, the only thing the Greek population knows is that they will pay extremely high taxes after the summer! In another article there will be more news about these taxes!

Keep on smiling Greece! :-/

Lack of medicines

This morning was announced on television that rows of people are waiting for their medicines outside pharmacies in Athens. When they are finally able to enter the pharmacy, lots of them cannot get their medicine because pharmacies are running out of certain medications.

An example of one of all these people is an old man who went to 15 pharmacies in Athens to get his medicine, but …. nothing.

Something else mentioned is someone who could not find his medicine and phoned a friend, a journalist, and asked him to get it. The journalist decided to go to a pharmacy and within 2 minutes he got the it. IF that is true, probably a difference is being made between ‘important’ persons and all the rest of the population.

BUT there are rumors that the ministry has scheduled to pay the pharmacies until the 5th of July. If so, also the insurance chaos will finally end. Let’s see…

Non-stop fires

Still on different places in Greece fires are threatening hectares of nature and houses.

Firemen, not even well-paid in Greece, are doing their best to control the situation, but it is almost incontrollable. Every year in Greece, just like in Italy, Spain and Portugal, the same problem with fires occur. When Greeks heard about a young fireman that died recently in a fire, they immediately think that it could have been their own child. Some lighten a candle, others feel so bad for his parents, because everybody knows that it is not the first fireman and it will not be the last one to be threatened by a fire. Every year something similar happens. Other firemen who are able to save themselves when things get difficult, need the necessary care in a hospital afterwards. Every year the Greeks hope no more young firemen will end up like this, but it’s every year the same thing.


3rd Agro Quality Festival

This weekend the 3rd Agro Quality Festival took place in Athens (the 22nd, 23rd, 24th of June) at the Stadiou Eirinis & Filias. Traditional products from all over Greece were being exposed. Lots of products were made in front of the visitors to show the way they are produced. Olive oil, olives, honey, traditional spaghetti, Greek cheese, different kind of wines, marmalades, sweets, but lots of other products too.

Last year 15.000 people visited the Agro Quality Festival! People who went there also this year, had a really great time!

Empty shops

When you walk on the street, you will see many places, where people bought clothing, accessories, food, etc., being empty today.

A note ‘For Rent’ and below a phone number is placed on the window. Empty shops everywhere. People who are still running a shop are trying to make a normal living, because the market has lost its power. All business owners (pharmacies, cosmetic shops, restaurants, supermarkets, etc.) are complaining about the situation. The difference between two years ago, last year and this year is huge. When people do not have enough money, there are not able to buy lots of things. And of course they are not even thinking about buying something extra. Even the ones who have money do not spend their money like before. The market is a vicious circle. If there is no buying, there are no shops, if there are no shops, means less VAT and therefore less income for the government. So everyone loses something from this.

Some have already closed their shops, others are hoping this is only a difficult period which will end soon. The owners of empty buildings are not able to rent it, because less and less people want to open a shop. Having one means taking an economic risk. And if there is no money, no economic risk can be taken. Even if a family has little or much money, even then it’s a risk, because in times of crisis there will be less clients.

Therefore reducing salaries, retirement incomes and unemployment benefits does not really help the market. People need to be able to buy. Only then Greece will start having a healthy economy.

Too hot today…

Today is one of these days where it is too hot to be outside after 12 o’clock in the morning. For children and older people it is impossible and even dangerous to be in the sun. But in the early morning families with children visit the most beautiful beaches to let them play in the water.

Of course young people enjoy all day. Sun, see, beach, love… The beaches are full of young people talking, laughing, discussing, swimming, drinking coffee (especially the famous frappe) and meeting friends.

The summer really helps to make people smile despite the difficulties.

Even though 40 degrees is too much, the summer feeling is worth it!

People are waiting to get free vegetables in Athens

At Pedion Areos in Athens 25 tons of vegetables are being distributed to those who are willing to wait in a huge row of people. Everyone there gets a packet of free vegetables. It started this morning and is still going on. Television describes it as ‘This is Greece today’. It is not the first time such distribution of food is being organized. There are really people who cannot buy the necessary food. That’s is why lots of municipalities organize such supply of vegetables, potatoes, etc.

Unfortunately I cannot show you a picture of this now, but maybe later on I will be able to upload one.

Football on Friday 22 June: Greece vs. Germany

Apparently football fans are taking this match a little bit more seriously than other matches because of the political background of the last months and these two countries not having the best relationship today.

On the Internet one can read different kind of ironical messages. Some people see this football match as a ‘battle’, but what nice to read that others just see it as a sports match between two national football teams of Euro 12.

Let’s be open minded and let’s say: let the best team win!