June, voting again

The elections are almost there. Some Greeks do not have any doubt, because their parents have a stable political point of view or because of their opportunity given by a member of a certain political party to work as a service worker. But others have doubts until today, a few days before the elections.

This week important politicians explain their point of view on live television. Speeches but also questions of journalists are being answered. Promises are being made: WE will not disappoint you. WE will protect your rights. WE will develop tourism in Greece. WE guarantee you a better future. WE will make agriculture develop.

Most of Greek population distrusts everyone today. They do not know what to believe and who to believe anymore. They are afraid these elections will have the worst consequences for their country. They are afraid of making the wrong choice.

Everyone is talking about the elections. All discussions contain the advantages and disadvantages of voting a certain party, the possible lies or truths mentioned by these parties. Everyone tries to make a balance, but a little amount of people end up with a clear result. They try to collect different opinions. They try to watch TV as much as they can to be informed. They try to become ready to decide. And of course, they hope these will be the last elections. They hope a government can be created that will make the difference.  A government that will be able to reduce the amount of taxes, to increase the basic salary, to guarantee insurance, etc. Aspects so common for other countries, but a dream for Greece.

To make you enter in the mind of the Greeks, most of them do not have confidence in the promises of the politicians, but… if it were not for hope, the heart would break.

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