‘Good’morning Greece

Greek election results: New Democracy wins.

Greece is waking up. Some are content with the results, others who gave their vote to Syriza or another party are not that satisfied. But lots of discussions haven’t begun yet, as the streets are not yet full of people and shops haven’t opened yet. On television, later on live TV shows will be discussing the election results again, the way the government needs to be formed and how the government will handle the situation of Greece.

Let’s see if they will be able to form a government as soon as possible because there is no time for any delay. And let’s see if Antonios Samaras, the leader of New Democracy, will be able to realize the necessary goals and if he will promises he made before the election.

Remarkable is that a large percentage of Greeks didn’t vote. Probably because of disappointment on the one hand and anger on the other hand. But also today will be a normal day for most of the Greek citizens. They have to go to their job or anyway start their week as every other week. It’s still 35 degrees and schools are closing because of summer holiday. Even though life goes on, the Greeks wonder how this week will be on political field.


  1. There is a lot about your elections in the news here in Finland … it is really hard to say anything, what is good or bad… the situation is difficult and good miracles happen too seldom… take care, your point of view is important. All the best,P

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