Non-stop fires

Still on different places in Greece fires are threatening hectares of nature and houses.

Firemen, not even well-paid in Greece, are doing their best to control the situation, but it is almost incontrollable. Every year in Greece, just like in Italy, Spain and Portugal, the same problem with fires occur. When Greeks heard about a young fireman that died recently in a fire, they immediately think that it could have been their own child. Some lighten a candle, others feel so bad for his parents, because everybody knows that it is not the first fireman and it will not be the last one to be threatened by a fire. Every year something similar happens. Other firemen who are able to save themselves when things get difficult, need the necessary care in a hospital afterwards. Every year the Greeks hope no more young firemen will end up like this, but it’s every year the same thing.



  1. Sad but true, every year here in Italy too a lot of forest burns.
    Many times here fires are man-made, transforming beautiful forests in terrain for buildings.
    We can only hope this thing to stop…

    • We hope the same Daniele, it is indeed dissappointing to see how many places are being distroyed. How is the situation in Italy? Italy is almost every week in the Greek media.

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