Let’s eat another piece of watermelon

Recently, a visitor of www.greekdiaries.me send me a message and gave me the idea of writing you about what should be done to help national recovery. (Thanks by the way!) Export is one of the important aspects to begin with.

Greece has so many things to export. Olive oil, oranges, lemons, melons, peaches, tomatoes, etc. For some reason, Greece does not use this huge power. Greece should be a country with more export and less import. By this means, more jobs will be created, the prices of the products will be different for the local people and Greece will have a higher income. To start with the first aspect. At the moment Greece has hundred thousands of unemployed people. If lots of hectares would be used for agricultural activities, and if the economy would make it worth starting an agricultural business, then it would be an enormous step for Greece. Today, lots of fruits and vegetables are losing value and farmers are forced to sell at low prices in order not to have to throw away tons of fruits/vegetables. That is not really a motivation to keep up the good work.

The promotion of Greek agriculture would be an enormous advantage for Greece. Hopefully, the new government will put stress on this and will work out a program to improve this part of the economy. In this manner, also Greece as a country will have higher profits.

In the meantime, let’s eat another piece of watermelon…

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