A very important topic these days are ‘the volunteers trying to help as much as they can different kind of organizations’. Lots of organizations were mentioned before on television in order to make people give clothing, money, food, etc. (as in all countries), but this time the topic were the volunteers who spend some time there distributing food, playing with sick children or children who have been abandoned, feeding babies and putting them asleep each night.

Volunteers are being interviewed and tell about their experiences about how much people need food and clothing, how much people live on the street, how much children need love and care. Another example are unemployed teachers educating children at organizations like Chamogelo tou Pediou (The Smile of the Child). They try to make other people do the same, especially the ones that do not have a job these days.

‘Of course finding a job is necessary to be able to take care of your own family’, they say,’ but when you don’t find a job, just spend two hours each day helping the ones that really need your assistance. There are so many organizations (Klimaka, LEO, Chamogelo tou paidiou, etc.) that need our help.’ Furthermore one said: ‘I started teaching mathematics to a child of Chamogelou tou Pediou, because I realize how important education is. And when I think about the fact that my children have my assistance at any time, I feel sorry for those children who are not able to study with the same opportunities. That’s why I decided to teach these children as much as I can.’

Unfortunately I am not able to show you some pictures of this. Maybe in the future.

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