Greece is still the same for tourists

Yesterday, a politician on television said ‘We have to show the rest of the world that Greece is still beautiful. We have to show that no one needs to be afraid to spend their vacation here. The media has created the idea that Athens is Bagdad at the moment, which is not true. We need to work on our international image and to make people realize it is not necessary to cancel their flights.’

It’s true, there has nothing changed for tourists. Yes, there were massive demonstrations and at that time it was not the best moment to visit Athens for example, but today everything is fine. And concerning other places in Greece, it’s like nothing has happened. The media needs to show the worst things in order to keep you ‘posted’ but no worries, Greece is still the same… souvlaki, sun, beaches, etc.


  1. Last summer I was in Korfu for one week. When we arrived taxi´s were on strike when we departed they were still on strike. Yes, they had a good reason for the strike but for us as turists it was also a problem.
    I wish good luck for all the greeks, try to survive!

  2. I know there were a lot of strikes last year. And sometimes new strikes are planned, but what I ment with ‘Greece is still the same for tourists’ is that people do not need to be afraid of visiting Greece. I talk with people living in other countries and they as me all the time if it is safe.
    Hope you liked Korfu!!

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