Frappe forever!


Frappe is a famous Greek iced coffee drink. Stirred coffee and sugar becomes a nice foam to which cold water and ice (and milk if wanted) is adjusted. Especially in the summer with hot temperatures frappe is the most famous coffee in Greece.

Unfortunately, this coffee costs from three until five euros in cafes and bars and a take-out coffee 1 until 2 euros. Quit expensive for an average Greek.

Yes, the crisis limits lots of things. Yes, people experience one of the most difficult periods of their life, but what a relief to see lots of them still order their frappe in cafes and bars. What a joy to see people buy (although less) their frappe or make their iced coffee at home and take their children to the beach or a park to enjoy it. Greeks feel only really sorry that their favorite coffee is that expensive. They are sure that it is overrated. Not because it is not worth it, but because it is impossible that 2 spoons of coffee with a little bit of milk and the necessary sugar costs that much. They understand cafe and bar owners have to pay high rents and lots of other expenses, but three until five euros is too much.

Though, frappe is the favorite coffee of the Greeks. The nicest thing to begin a working day with!


  1. A great hit at my local greek (I think… He have a greek flag in the back of the store) café too. Nice now it have started to ecome summer up here in the freezing north :)

    And the price here is 3€ 50c which is normal café prices. The crisis have not hit quite as hard, but you do see less people on the local cafés here too. Only the highstreet tourist places seem full these days.

    • Do you feel the crisis there also that hard? Unfortunately, the crisis is not only for Greece, but for whole Europe. Only that it has not arrived yet everywhere.

  2. I want to thank you for sharing your views, experiences and feelings of what’s like to live in Greece today. I hope the crisis gets over soon, and every Greek is able to drink his/her frappé again, without having to skip it in favor of first necessity items. I may sound superficial, but being an Argentinean that has endured hyper inflation, recession and crisis, I know how important is to cling to the usual ways and simple pleasures, in difficult times. I remember a time when we had to choose between eating enough but drink only water, or eat less, remain a tad hungry, but accompanythe meal with a cup of red wine…and nourrish the soul too. I used to choose the second path. Warm regards and keep the good work!

    • I am sorry to hear you have experienced such a quality of life. I hope you will never have to experience it again. Thank you for sharing it and for reading the blog…

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