Greek secrets in Switzerland

Number one topic in Greece this week is the famous Lagaard list that has been published by the Greek journalist Kostas Vaxevanis. A list with 2000 Greek names who hold accounts in Switzerland and are suspected of using the accounts for tax evasion. The journalist claims the list was already in the hands of the Greek government but for some reason it was ‘forgotten’. He got arrested for breach of privacy, but he announced on television: ‘The job of a journalist is to discover the truth. I did my job. Nothing more.’

I can ensure you that most of the Greeks speak full of proud of this journalist. Without analyzing the reason he published the list, this action gives a feeling of satisfaction to the Greeks who pay taxes and who live the most difficult time of their lives.

When he came out of court, the Greeks welcomed the journalist with nice words and an enormous applause. Hopefully this is the beginning of an honest Greece without making innocent people pay for the mistakes of others. Some young people on a radio program said: ‘We want more of this!’

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