Good luck Greece

Thanks to all of you who have red this blog. I decided to stop writing as I think I gave you a detailled view on how things are going in Greece. Always keep in mind that corruption is everywhere, in some countries it is obvious (as in Greece) and in others it is so well-covered that you forget it does exist.

I hope Greece will be able to show all of its good aspects soon.

Keep on visiting Greece, a country full of history and beautiful nature.

And for the Greeks: be patient, good times will come. As you were able to conquer everything in history, you will be able to conquer this storm too… Keep believing in evolution and development.

Thanks again…




We joined the club.


The reason why I didn’t write for two weeks is because I really didn’t have the courage to write anything.  Why? This time also my family became a real victim of the crisis in Greece. How? The salary of my husband was reduced with 30% by law. In contradiction with the last days, today I have prepared some articles for you, because after two weeks of no inspiration and no courage to write, today I decided that I have now one more strong reason to show you Greece throughout my articles. It’s time for the world to see what the reality for the Greeks is. To tell you the truth, it will not be easy, but we are one of the families that will manage to survive due to other aspects, but can you imagine how other people will be trying to live with a salary of 400-500-600 euro? And how insulted these people are to work for this amount of money? I can insure you that my husband has no motivation to go to work. Congratulations to the ones in parliament who have voted this law.



Yesterday the news talked about the most famous shopping center ‘the Mall’ in Athens. A bomb injured two people as was announced on the news of 8 o’clock. There is said that there were 2 warning calls half an hour before the bomb went off. Luckily the 250 people being present at that time in the morning could be removed from the place where the bomb was placed.

I am speechless. Whoever wants to fear the Greeks, whoever wants to make their life unlivable, I’m really sorry for them. Yesterday it was Sunday. Going to a shopping center is a nice solution for the ones who want to make a little trip. If you have money you can shop. If not, you can have a look at the shops, without any economical obligation. Interesting for the adults, cozy and warm in winter time for the kids. Lots of Greeks visit the shopping center on Sunday.

Why this aggressive attitude towards the Greeks? Who wants to create panic and fear? Maybe someone wants to have the attention of the Greeks in order to make them blind for other bad games? I don’t know, but I cannot describe may sadness. Lots of people are struggling to survive, should they now be struggling also with the idea of not being safe in their own city?
(Video: Some time after the bomb went off)


Want to live longer? Some say you live longer by eating olive oil!


Last weeks were weeks of really hard work, but also moments of enjoying nature. By now, almost everyone has collected the olives from the olive trees on their fields.

First day of olive collecting: we stood up at 6.00, made a coffee, arranged our lunch (bred, cheese, tomatoes, olives, some ham), took on our work clothes and started driving towards the first field. It was cold, but when we arrived after 20 minutes the smell of the fabrics that were already making olive oil out of fresh collected olives was overwhelming. We took the olive sheets which needed to be put under the trees. Afterwards we took our olive combs and started ‘combing’ the trees. The olives were falling down on the sheets. When all olives were on the sheets, the leaves that had fallen down had to be removed. And at last, the olives were put in a box. We repeated this on every olive tree. Until 5 o’clock we continued collecting olives. It was exhausting but on the other hand, a pleasure to see so many fresh olives ready to become olive oil.

Some Greeks have to travel long distances because their fields are far way. They have to stay at a family member living close to the fields or in a cheap hotel and most of the times they collect the olives on a shorter period of time. Others, living on a short distance from their fields have the privilege of collecting their olives on a longer period of time.

I think Greece could export more olives and olive oil. I don’t know why the country doesn’t support this idea more seriously. Greece has so many olive trees, so many good products. Anyway, olive oil is for sure very healthy as lots of websites refer to it as one of most importants things that we have to add to our menu if we don’t use it yet.





I hope my articles on the daily life in Greece will also be this year amusing, intresting, informative and funny!

I wish you the best in 2013 and hope this year all your wishes will come true!

Greetz from Greece!

Eat some of this and you will become (more) lucky next year!

This is a tradition I love! After dining, mostly after midnight, the Greek New Year’s cake is being cut: the good VASILOPITA. While preparing the Vasilopita a coin is being added to the cake.

When cutting the Greek New Year’s Cake the first piece is for Christ, the second piece is for the house, and the other pieces are for the ones who are present. Sometimes a prayer for the first 3 pieces is said: in the name of the Father (first piece), the Son (second piece) and the Holy Spirit (third piece). The next piece is for the house (fourth piece) and later on everyone gets a piece. Every time a piece is cut, a name is called.

The one who has the piece with the coin in, will be the lucky one during the new year. True or false? I don’t know, but I can tell you that I had never the piece with the coin as far as I can remember, but I consider myself lucky :) But I like the tradition, it’s fun!

For the ones interested in the origin of this tradition:

Greek cheese? Yes! Greek olives? Yes! Greek temperament? …..Yes!!

Have a look at a few funny Greek commercials… The title of this video on YouTube is Greeks gone crazy: cheese, olives and… temperament!

The first commercial: look at the comments of what ‘me gaman’ means.

The second commercial: Greeks in London! The temperament in traffic! Not everyone is screaming on the streets, but let’s say that it is true the fact of Greeks buying a ‘little bit’ more active in traffic. :-) It’s an experience, believe me! I have seen a lot of it!

The third commercial: what a Greek wouldn’t do to impress a girl! Soooo true! And that is why I live in Greece today ;-)

The fourth commercial: according to me it is not so interesting, but I couldn’t skip it as it is adjusted to this video.

Shortly, if you are planning to schedule a trip to Greece, you will never get bored! :-)

That is what a contract means!

A humoristic video about a boy waiting for a little bit of money to get some candy or toys. In this commercial the Greeks try to reflect the funny side of the strict limits and boundaries created by the government.

A couple of days ago I went to a birthday party and I was talking with someone from Holland. He lives in Holland but comes long periods of time on vacation in Greece. He said: when I return to Holland, people ask me: ‘Do you experience any penury in Greece or  is it all exaggerated?’ He answered to them: ‘When you try to squeeze out a lemon and at the end you see only some drops are falling down, you know the lemon has almost no juice anymore. At the moment, the Greek government is squeezing out the lemon although no drops are falling down. The juice is finished. Most of the people don’t have anyting to give anymore.’ I couldn’t say it better.